Reverse Crunch


Setup Options




Step 1: Lie on the back with the Link™ under the body and over the shoulders. Legs are fully bent and knees are at chest. Shoulders remain on ground entire time.

Step 2: Simultaneously straighten the legs vertical and lift the lower back off the ground. Hold for 1 count.

Step 3: Return to starting position in controlled manner. 


Tips: Don't swing the legs up. Control the movement the entire time. It is important to keep the shoulders firm against the floor and pull and push with the abs. Refrain from letting the butt rest on the floor between reps. Keep the Link™ together in middle of back. Handles should be close to the neck.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles held in hands. Hands resting at collarbone

Stance: Lying on back. Feet straight out in front