Bent Dragonfly


Setup Options




Step 1: Lie on back with Link™ under the body and. The legs are fully bent and knees are at chest. Shoulders remain on ground entire time.

Step 2: Simultaneously straighten the legs vertical and lift the lower back off the ground. Hold for 1 count.

Step 3: Return to starting position in controlled manner.

Step 4: Straighten the legs horizontal. Hold for 1 count.

Step 5: Return to starting position in controlled manner. 


Tips: This is a complex movement that relies on great core activation. Refrain from using your legs to swing you up and down. The pace of this movment should be constant throughout and force should be exerted through the lower back. Keep the toes pointed. The legs should be straight, but if adjustment is necessary, lock them into a slight bend.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles or middle of the Link™ held in hands. Hands resting at shoulders

Stance: Lying on the back. Feet together