Wide Push-Up






Step 1: In all-4-up position on forearms and feet. Form a straight line from head to feet. The Link™ crosses in back and extends over the back. Hands at shoulder width +1.

Step 2: Allow Link™ to force the body down. Keep elbows touching the sides the entire movement. Hold for 1 count at bottom of the movement.

Step 3: Return to resting position in controlled manner.


Tips: The more narrow the grip the more the tricep and posterior shoulder gets worked, compared to when it is wider the more the chest and anterior shoulder gets worked. Don't let the elbows flare out as it will put unwanted stress on the deltoids and can cause joint pain. Keep the glutes squeezed to ensure a rigid body.

Link™ to Exterior: Link™ in hands at shoulder width +1

Stance: Push-Up position