Hip Extension (Leg Raise)


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Step 1: Squeeze the glutes and core. Position the Link™ so it is applying downward force on the hip region.

Step 2: Push through the heels and scapula. The feet stay in dorsiflexion. Raise the hips while keeping the glutes activated until the shoulder, hips and knees are in line.

Step 3: Hinge one leg at the knee until ankle aligns with body line. Hold for 3 count. Reset the foot to the floor.

Step 4: Return the hips to starting position in a controlled manner.


Tips: Do not allow the pelvic region to tilt, as it will apply unwanted stress on hip flexors. Active leg glute must stay squeezed throughout entire movement. Keep core engaged at all times as to prevent hyperextension. Control all leg movement with detail. Relax the neck. 

Link™ to Exterior: Link™ in hands. Held at hips

Stance: Lying on the back. Feet flat on floor