Lying Leg Curl






Step 1: Lie flat on the floor with the head resting on the hands. Squeeze the glutes and tighten the core. Lift the active leg 4 inches off of the floor.

Step 2: Slowly bring active leg heel to the butt while keeping the quad securely in contact with the ground. Keep the down leg rigid and unmoved. Hold for 1 count.

Step 3: Return the leg to starting position in a controlled manner.


Tips: Keep the "down leg" and "up leg" straight the entire time, don't let the hips rotate in any direction, keep the neck relaxed by looking down. Focus on the glute to raise the working leg and the quad on the down leg to keep it straight. Tighten the "core" so the hips can't move and you can't go into “hyperextension".

Link™ to Exterior: Link™ hooked to external anchor behind the foot

Stance: Lying on stomach. Legs fully extended