Sumo Straight Leg Deadlift


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Step 1: Engage the core. Initiate movement through the hips. Attach Link™ to itself and both handles in the middle of the stance.

Step 2: Push the glutes forward and slowly straighten hips. Lead the movement upwards with the shoulders. Finish ascent standing tall. Hold for 1 count.

Step 3: Bring legs to a slight bend. Keep a slight arch in the back. Hinge at the hips and slowly descend until chest is parallel to the ground.


Tips: Put more emphasis on the groin region with respect to work and mobility; focus on sitting as deep as possible and stretching that groin to increase mobility with each rep. Core activation is key. Keep the shoulders back and down and maintain a "big chest”. Body weight should stay on the heels and outside of the foot.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles in hands. Held at center of stance

Stance: Hip width +2. Toes slightly pointing out