Sidelying Abduction


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Step 1: Extend both legs straight out. Put the down arm in line with the body and bend the elbow. Squeeze the glutes.

Step 2: Raise the top leg slowly until no longer comfortable. The Link™ should move freely through the D rings. Hold for 3 count.

Step 3: Return top leg to start position in controlled manner.


Tips: Don't allow the hips to tip forward or back during movement, this will put the load on either the hip flexor muscles or Gluteus Maximus (both of which are targeted in many more movements than Gluteus Medius). Focus on the glute shooting and keeping the body in a straight line from shoulders to hips to ankles with no tilt of the pelvic region.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles in hands. Hands held at hips

Stance: Lying on side. Legs Straight. Feet together