Sidelying Adduction


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Step 1: Extend the bottom leg straight out. Bring the top leg into the body. The top leg foot rests flat on floor. Put the down arm in line with the body and bend the elbow. Squeeze the glutes.

Step 2: Raise the bottom leg slowly until no longer comfortable. The Link™ should move freely through down leg D ring. Hold for 3 count.

Step 3: Return down leg to start position in controlled manner.


Tips: Focus on the groin initiating the movement; at the top of movement focus on bringing your foot back to the starting position under control. This is a very controlled movement that should be initiated from the groin. The horizontal resistance can become tough because of where the top leg is, so adjust accordingly.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles in hands. Hands held at hips

Stance: Lying on side. Legs Straight. Feet together