1 Arm Plank Row


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Step 1: In all-4-up position on forearms and feet. Form a straight line from head to feet.

Step 2: Bring the hand up to eye level. The elbow will follow the hand. Hold for 1 count. Keep the core tight and the glutes squeezed.

Step 3: Return to starting position in controlled manner and repeat with opposite side.


Tips: Keeping the glutes squeezed and down in line with the body is key to isolating and activating the core. If the movement is a little difficult, slightly spread the feet to create a stronger base. Control the movement of the arm throughout the entire movement and follow the hand with the eyes. To prevent rotation, lock in the obliques. Keep the neck relaxed as it will take stress off the spinal muscles.

Link™ to Exterior: Handles held in hands. Hands at shoulders

Stance: On hands and knees. Facing down