Skater Jump


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Step 1: Stand on one leg in a quarter squat. Have the up leg at a 90 degree angle with the shin parallel to the floor.

Step 2: Simultaneously swing the up leg through and push off of the down leg to jump at a 45 degree angle forward.

Step 3: Land on the ball of your previously up foot in a quarter squat. Swing the now up leg to absorb the impact.

Step 4: Repeat the action in the other direction.


Tips: Focus on your landing. Don't allow the knee to bend in, allowing this mode of failure makes injuries to the knee easier.  Practicing not allowing this mode of failure causes your body to fire the correct stabilizing muscles and can prevent knee injury. 

Link™ to Exterior: Handles or middle of the Link™ held in hands. Hands resting at shoulders

Stance: On one leg. Knee slightly bent