Surfer Pop-Up


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Step 1: Lie on the floor facedown. The hands are positioned next to the chest and the feet are in dorsiflexion.

Step 2: Push-up from the ground. Keep the core and glutes tight during the Push-up.

Step 3: As the body reaches the top of the Push-up, jump up with feet in plie stance. As you rise,  twist the body so you are facing sideways upon landing. 


Tips: Don't let the elbows flare out as it will put unwanted stress on the deltoids and can cause joint pain. Use the upward momentum to push with added force off of the ground. Keep the chest tall for stability as you bring the legs in. Activate the core for best trunk rotation. 

Link™ to Exterior: Handles or middle of the Link™ held in hands. Hands resting at hips

Stance: Lying on the floor, facedown